Taipei Itinerary: 4D3N with Friends

If you plan in advance, it doesn’t happen, but when you viber each other late at night that PAL tickets from Manila to Taipei are on sale at US$75, you all end up booking a trip on the spot!  At least that’s what happened with me and my high school friends Grach, Pauline, Jane, Isang, and Charlene.   Continue reading “Taipei Itinerary: 4D3N with Friends”


There are a gazillion posts burning a hole in my Drafts folder and I promised myself I’d start publishing them one by one.  I wanted to start with Vien, my cousin Mark’s restaurant in NYC.  Named after Mark’s mom, my beloved Aunty Vivian, Vien serves fast, healthy, Asian fare.

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Vien lets you build your own bowl (or takeout box) by choosing your base (rice, noodles, quinoa, or salad) and your main (grilled beef, pulled pork, lemongrass chicken, turmeric tofu, or roasted vegetables) + your garnishes, sauces, and sides.  It’s basically the kind of food I would love to have for lunch everyday, if I lived in New York!  So good!

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Learn more about Vien here, or visit them at 220 Varick Street.


Bangkok: A Guide for Vegetarians

Lorina Tan is a 20-something food-lover  who was based in Thailand for 2 years.  I met her through the blog when she sent me samples Continue reading “Bangkok: A Guide for Vegetarians”

Hanoi Eats: Gourmet Corner

My cousin Queen read up on a lot of Hanoi restaurants on Tripadvisor prior to our trip.  Gourmet Corner was ranked as the city’s 6th best restaurant, and we decided to have lunch Continue reading “Hanoi Eats: Gourmet Corner”

Cong Caphe

Cong Caphe was one of my favorite coffee experiences in Hanoi.  My cousins and I walked over to the cafe right across St. Joseph’s Cathedral, but you can find them at various locations around the city.

Continue reading “Cong Caphe”

Sofitel Legend Metropole

Sofitel Legend Metropole is one of my favorite Hanoi discoveries.  The hotel has been on my must-visit list ever since reading this interview with Anthony Bourdain.  But even with my high expectations, I was blown away by how beautiful it was in reality.

Continue reading “Sofitel Legend Metropole”

Hanoi Social Club

During our Hanoi trip last May, my cousin Queen suggested we check out this place called The Hanoi Social Club.  More than a restaurant, it was a cozy and interesting space where “peaceful souls join together to cloud-gaze, think, and create.” Continue reading “Hanoi Social Club”

Hanoi Eats: Green Tangerine

After a few days of eating mostly traditional Vietnamese fare, my cousins and I felt it was time for a change.  We decided to have dinner at Green Tangerine, a colonial-style restaurant serving up French cuisine with a Vietnamese twist.

Continue reading “Hanoi Eats: Green Tangerine”

Ninh Binh Day Trip: Hoa Lu Temples, Tam Coc River, and Bich Dong Pagoda

Hanoi day 2, my cousins and I decided to book a tour to Ninh Binh, a province about 2.5 hours away from Hanoi by car.  Continue reading “Ninh Binh Day Trip: Hoa Lu Temples, Tam Coc River, and Bich Dong Pagoda”

The Note Coffee

My cousins and I spent a lot of time cafe hopping while we were in Hanoi last month.  The Note was just down the street from our hotel, and it was one of my favorites Continue reading “The Note Coffee”

Hanoi Eats: Cau Go Vietnamese Cuisine

I can’t remember if we had dinner at Cau Go our first or second night in Hanoi, but I do remember it being a really good one.

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Hanoi Imperial Hotel

My cousin Queen booked us rooms at the Hanoi Imperial Hotel, just a stone’s throw from the lake and right in the middle of the Old Quarter.  Continue reading “Hanoi Imperial Hotel”

Hanoi Travel Notes + Things to do in the Old Quarter

Just a few weeks ago, I was in Hanoi with my sister Audrey and our cousins Queen, Olivia, and Natalie.  Continue reading “Hanoi Travel Notes + Things to do in the Old Quarter”

Tsukiji Fish Market

One of the highlights of our Tokyo trip was our sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji Fish MarketContinue reading “Tsukiji Fish Market”

Tokyo Eats: Dean and Deluca

I’m so glad there was a Dean and Deluca just a stone’s throw from our hotel in Tokyo.  We popped in almost everyday, either for breakfast, a quick snack, or a coffee fix.  Continue reading “Tokyo Eats: Dean and Deluca”

Tokyo Eats: Mr. Farmer

While strolling around the side streets of Omotesando, John and I chanced upon this cozy cafe called Mr. Farmer.  We had worked up an appetite from all the walking, but dinnertime was still a couple of hours away Continue reading “Tokyo Eats: Mr. Farmer”