Home Remedies

My kids and I have been getting sick on and off since after Christmas.  Just the other night, Jacob started vomitting, and he’s been at it for over 24 hours now.  His lab results came back negative for amoebiasis, and our pediatrician said he caught a stomach virus.  I later found out that 10 out of the 30 boys in Jacob’s class all have the same symptoms! Continue reading

How to Eat Healthy in Airports

A few years ago, I decided that instead of making monumental, hard-to-keep New Year’s resolutions, I would instead make easy-to-do and super simple ones that would still result in self- or life-improvement.  One such resolution that I’ve made is to eat absolutely nothing sold at the airport or served on the plane, except for fresh fruit. Continue reading

Our First-Ever Metrowide Earthquake Drill + How to Build Your Own Emergency Grab Bag

This Thursday, July 30, the entire metro will conduct an Earthquake Drill beginning 10:30-11:30 am throughout Metro Manila, except for Pasig City/Ortigas Center, which will stage its own drill from 8:00-9:30 pm.  According to Rappler, there will be NO metro-wide disruption of power or phone lines. Continue reading