Easy Recipe: Strawberry Vinaigrette

A lot of people ask me for ‘healthy recipes,’ but I’m really just a kitchen klutz learning how to prepare easy meals for myself and my family.  Would you believe I only learned how to make my own salad dressing a few months ago?  This strawberry vinaigrette recipe is my current favorite. Continue reading

How to Eat Healthy in Airports

A few years ago, I decided that instead of making monumental, hard-to-keep New Year’s resolutions, I would instead make easy-to-do and super simple ones that would still result in self- or life-improvement.  One such resolution that I’ve made is to eat absolutely nothing sold at the airport or served on the plane, except for fresh fruit. Continue reading

Easy Recipe: Stir-Fried Shirataki Noodles

I used to think that I would never enjoy shirataki noodles, because the texture can be very un-noodlelike — and to be perfectly honest, they STINK.  But a simple Google search of “how to get rid of the smell in shirataki” led me to lots of awesome tips that taught me exactly how to prep them so they come out tasting like real, honest-to-goodness noodles, without the calories.

Here’s how to do it: Continue reading