Just a few days ago, I had my warts removed at BELO Greenhills, and I’d highly recommend them if you need a similar procedure done.

See, when you go for wart removal at a dermatologist’s clinic, what usually happens is they apply the topical anaesthetic on you, then send you back outside to the waiting area for about an hour while the anaesthetia takes effect.

But at Belo, I got my own (very gold and very clean) room with treatment bed, super-bango fluffy towels, comfortable couch, and private toilet.  I had a dedicated nurse who took prepped me, washed my face, applied anaesthetia, and gave me an arm massage during the cauterization to distract me from the pain (some say it’s painless, but I felt pain.  Maybe I have low tolerance.)  My husband John got to wait with me, and they served us coffee and cookies.  Except for the pain part, it was almost a spa-like experience:)

The doctor assigned to me, Dr. Erika, did a really good job.  My scabs are healing nicely and not so noticeable anymore, plus you can go back after 2 weeks and they can re-do any warts that might have been missed.

I’d definitely go back to Belo based on this experience.  They charge P6,600 per area for wart removal (I did face and neck so thats P13,200 + the creams you have to buy).  My mom told me she paid P9,000+ for face and neck at her derma, but I think the price difference is worth the better experience.  My friend Ross says Belo uses all the latest machines, and not a lot of private dermas can afford to do that, so there’s that, too.

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