Lego Certified Store opens in Alabang (Updated)

Southerners, rejoice!  Lego Certified Store is now open in Alabang!


After the very first LEGO Certified Store was opened last summer in BGC, LEGO now looks to open stores from Metro Manila to Davao – a strategic move that enables the brand to reach more Filipino children. The first LEGO store this year is in Alabang Town Center, following the theme of Fantasy. Because of the campaign strategy focuses more on bringing attention to the power and connection that a single small bricks can give, the LEGO Certified Store opening’s highlights are in the details – it is more about the discovery rather than the spectacle.


Compared to past exhibits where huge LEGO structures were created, the ATC store opening showcases small Fantasy pieces integrated in real world structures. Visitors are invited to use their LEGO maps to find all the LEGO builds scattered in the area and to post their sightings online. LEGO’s fantasy world installations bring the magic and lore of castles, dragons, pirates, and t=knights. The ATC store opening sees decorations and LEGO pieces from this set taking center stage.



This year’s three other openings will see the “Better with Every Brick” campaign reflected in every stage, with another LEGO theme assigned for reach. LEGO fans can look forward to the themes of Future World, Towns and Cities, Superheroes and Movies in the future store openings.





LAJ Marketing, LEGO’s distributor in the Philippines, is also working with UNICEF to develop the fist National Center for children with Disabilities (CWDs) in the Philippine General Hospital. LEGO fans can take part of the project by purchasing polybags worth P100 each. In addition, for a minimum purchase amount to avail the LEGO Store Set for free, P1000 will be donated to UNICEF. These will form part of the P10M needed to develop the Center. In the succeeding store openings, LEGO fans can look forward to more excisiting and exclusive promos to help build the first National Center for CWDs.


Follow LEGO CERTIFIED STORE on Facebook for updates and further information.

Information and photos courtesy of Lego Philippines

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