#Halalan2016 Diary

Here’s how we spent Election Day as a family.

We took the kids with us when I went out to vote, because Jacob wanted to see how the elections work.  When we got to the village clubhouse, John said he was pretty sure kids wouldn’t be allowed inside, so he took the kids for a walk.

Sayang because I saw one or two kids inside with their moms!  I applied hand cream prior to voting and this is what my right index finger looked like after:

Ink was gone after I washed my hands just once.  So no free coffee for me!  I heard the lines at Starbucks were crazy long anyway.

John and I had lunch with the kids at my parents’ place, then we checked in to Edsa Shangri-la for a family staycation.

IMG_8450Did you know  I used to hate staycations?  Such a hassle to pack up so much stuff to go somewhere so near for such a short while.  What’s the point?  But Jacob loooves to swim, and Edsa Shangri-la has really nice pools.  Naomi enjoys getting herself wet, too!

IMG_8413sIMG_8437We were initially planning to walk over to Shangri-la Mall for dinner, but after an afternoon of swimming, we were all beat.  Decided to order room service while fighting with the kids over which channel to tune into.  Nickelodeon or the News?

IMG_8475IMG_8476The next day, the kids were up by 6am, as per usual.  I tried to delay getting up by opening a pack of cookies and letting them watch cartoons.  After that, we headed downstairs for the breakfast buffet.

IMG_8709There wasn’t much for me to eat.  The buffet used to be better.

After breakfast, we crossed over to One Shangri-la, which was just across the street.  My mom has a unit there, and she gave us one of her Resident cards so we can use the facilities, yay!  The pool area is beautiful, and….

IMG_8706IMG_8707IMG_8705The kids’ playrooms are huge and awesome!!  There are 3 separate indoor rooms for different ages and interests, as well as an outdoor playground that Jacob and Naomi absolutely loved.

IMG_8723IMG_8722IMG_8720IMG_8725IMG_8726IMG_8719They were so sad to go.  Jacob wanted to know why we were having such a short “vacation” and I thought he and Naomi were gonna cry.  We consoled them by promising to take them back real soon.

With the exception of a so-so breakfast buffet, Edsa Shangri-la is a pretty good option as far as family staycations go.  You can enjoy the pools, walk over to Shangri-la, where there’s a newly-opened Kidzoona for the kids and The Spa for daddy and mommy!  Plus of course lots of dining options so you aren’t limited to hotel food.

Hope you guys had a good long weekend with your family too.  Excited for what’s in store for the Philippines ❤

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