Create Your Own Bento Box with Heinz x Bento by Kat

I recently attended my first ever bento workshop and learned how to put together a totally kawaii Kelly Ketchup bento box for my kids!  IMG_7765Japanese-certified bento box maker, Kat Maderazo of Bento by Kat, demonstrated just how easy it is to create themed lunchboxes your kids will love, with a little help of Heinz tomato ketchup.


Step 1 – Prep all the tools and elements you need.  We had rice, flat scrambled egg, cheese, nori (seaweed), chicken nuggets, fresh fruit and vegetables, and of course Heinz ketchup.IMG_7758Step 2 – Color your rice by mixing it with Heinz ketchup.  Blend well!

Step 3 – Use cling wrap to mold your rice into the desired shape.

Bento making mamas hard at work at the Heinz x Bento by Kat event. Photo via @heinzphilippines

Step 4 – Cut seaweed for the hair, and egg for the dress.  Use a puncher to make seaweed eyes and lips!

IMG_7806Step 5 – You can further decorate your creation with Heinz ketchup.  Ketchup blush is so cute!!

Step 6 – Fill in the spaces with your viand and sidings.  Make sure your box is tightly packed.

Here’s how my bento box turned out!  Not bad for a first timer, right?

IMG_7805Side with my seatmates’ creations.  The one in the middle is by Christine Dychiao of Manila Fashion Observer, and the one on the right is by Amber Folkman of A Momma Abroad.

IMG_7807Here’s our happy little group posing with our bento boxes and Teacher Kat Maderazo:

Heinz x Bento by Kat at The Open Space. Photo via @heinzphilippines

As you can see, all it takes is a few simple ingredients and a little imagination to take a meal from dull to delicious, truly a feast for the senses, especially for our little ones!

Share your own bento box creations using Heinz ketchup and tag them #YourFoodDeservesBetter on Instagram!  Thanks so much Heinz and Bento by Kat!


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