Welcome Summer at Expo Kid 2016

The development of a child’s skills and interests never stops. It doesn’t end on school days, nor does it take a break during off-seasons. Summer doesn’t only mean taking vacations, surfing the net, or having more time to play. It also means learning new things and picking up new hobbies and interests.

ExpoKid Final Poster
ExpoKid Final Poster

Before summer goes into full swing, Mommy Mundo together with Caltrate, has organized EXPO KID, a Summer Activity Fair where you and your child can spend the weekend checking out the newest summer programs in the Metro.

Expo Kid_Activity ProvidersExpo Kid_Exhibitors

EXPO KID is an assembly of the metro’s newest and most exciting activity providers. Catch them on April 2 and 3, 2016 at the High Street Activity Center (between Krispy Kreme and Nike), from 11am to 9pm! Take a look at the variety of activities available this summer and at the end, pick the ones you like most and plan your summer ahead of time.

Presented by Mommy Mundo and Caltrate, and sponsored by BGC, EXPO KID will be an exciting two-day event as kids get a sneak peek of how interesting their summer can be. Expo Kid exhibitors like Bert Lozada Swim School, Brainfit, Brainrix Learning Plus, Inc., CMA Mental Arithmetic, Enderun, Kidzania Manila, Kindermusik, Learning Litz, Inc., Make My Day, Mind
Museum, Smudges, The Learning Library, and Urban Ashram will be providing interactive activities for added fun.

Moms may also shop at the Mommy Mundo Market for some cool summer finds from DMC, Discovery Depot, Celestina & Co., Fatty Brain, Lily and Tucker, Loveyoumom/Lunchbreak Trading, Little Luba, Toydev, Inc., Strider, Starkids, Vpharma, Bio-Oil, Sandpuff, and Tiger.
For more information, please visit www.MommyMundo.com

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