Garage Sale Goals: Closet Cleanout Sale

Last January, I joined a group of friends and friends-of-friends in a super fun garage sale at the Corinthian Clubhouse.  The organizers did an amazing job putting everything together!

13This was my booth.  I sold a lot of clothes and baby gear my kids had outgrown, some items from my own closet, and even brand new toys still sealed in their original boxes.


Everything in my booth was priced super low, too — as low as P5.00 each for some old toys, and 4-for-P99.00 for preloved clothes.


Some moms set up lemonade and juice stands for their kids.  Rang’s daughter Kaela sold fresh calamansi-lemongrass coolers.


I also hoarded a few jars of Coco Banana Corn Mix from Didi’s stall.  Have you tried this?  It’s such a yummy combination of salty and sweet.

8Our garage sale even had a Carol’s Texan 5 food cart, and…


Sponsors!  Booth Republic printed our name tags, and Bose took care of sounds, making the event feel like one big party.  (Which is why this post is called #garagesalegoals!)


If you missed the first Closet Cleanout Sale, don’t worry, because the organizers are already planning the next one for March!  You can follow the #closetcleanoutsale2016 hasgtag on Instagram for updates and other information.

1bThank you to all the organizers, and everyone who came to shop at Closet Cleanout Sale!  Till the next 🙂

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