Green Lunch Diaries is 1 Year Old!

One year ago today, I started Green Lunch Diaries with my very first post.  To celebrate this small milestone, here’s a look back at some of my favorite posts from the past year:

Celebrating my blog’s 1st birthday with bibingka instead of a cake! Happy 2016 everyone! xx

A food tour for vegans and vegetarians

How to grow organic vegetables in your own backyard or balcony

Where to eat in Hong Kong + what to order

Family-friendly places to visit around Metro Manila

The best vegan restaurants and food delivery services

How to style and photograph food for Instagram

Tokyo travel diary (series)

Hanoi food trip (series)

One of my favorite food finds of the year

How to eat healthy in airports

How to live a luxurious life

Mothers Who Brunch

Naomi’s 1st birthday

Jacob’s 7th birthday

PLUS some of the (super easy) things I learned to make in the kitchen this year:

Thank you so much for taking time to visit my blog.  Happy 1st birthday to me, and happy 2016 to you all!

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