Radisson Blu Cebu

A couple of weeks ago, I flew to Cebu for a short work trip, and stayed at  Radisson Blu Hotel..

1I only got to stay one night, but it was a pleasant experience overall, and I’d highly recommend Radisson Blu for business trips.  I shared a room with one of my office staff, and this is what our room looked like:

234567We had a view of the pool as well as the port.

7B7DRoom service was affordable and efficient!  I had a tofu burger and the margherita pizza.

8And even if it was a work trip, I managed to squeeze in a massage at the hotel spa.  This spa bed was heavenly and my therapist was really good, too.


We enjoyed a long breakfast at the Fiera buffet before flying back to Manila.  My favorites were the roti prata with spicy lentil stew, fresh taho, and Batangas coffee ice cream.

91011I’d happily stay at Radisson Blu again for future business trips!

12What other Cebu city hotels would you recommend?

RADISSON BLU CEBU, Sergio Osmeña Boulevard, Juan Luna Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu 6000, Phone: +032 402.9900

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