Deep Dips by Chef Arnold

I like to keep my pantry well-stocked for food emergencies.

Deep Dips by Chef Arnold | Photo via Jay Santos Photography

Just recently, I got to try a variety of Deep Dips by Chef Arnold Bernardo.  The gourmet dips are made with love using premium ingredients, and they make great pantry staples.

Deep Dips by Chef Arnold | Photo via Jay Santos Photography

Smoked Salinas was love at first try.  I suggest keeping a few jars  on hand — they’re perfect with crackers for surprise guests, over a bowl of garlic rice for a heart Pinoy-style brunch or lunch, or tossed with pasta for dinner!  Yum!


The Spada in Olive Oil is also a good option, and you can enjoy it the same way as the Salinas.

Chef Arnold also makes gourmet bagoong.  The bagoong with mushrooms works well with rice for a quick meal, and you should try the bagoong with chocolate with homemade kare-kare.  I’ll be trying this with kare-kareng gulay real soon.

We also loved the Deep Dips Inasal Marinade.  I used this to make tofu inasal for me, and chicken inasal for the husband and kids.  I just marinated everything in the inasal marinade for 15 minutes, then cooked it all in the airfryer.  Delicious!

Have you tried Deep Dips by Chef Arnold?  I’d highly recommend the Smoked Salinas, and I heard they make really good Marinated Kesong Puti and Tinapa in Tomato Sauce too.

Follow Deep Dips on Facebook and Instagram or call/text them at 0917-627 2688 for orders and inquiries.  Also available at Pastry Armoire.

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