10 Years of Cycles and Cradle

Our family has been using Cycles mild laundry detergent ever since our first child, Jacob, was born over 6 years ago. 

IMG_2440Just recently, we received a crate of goodies to celebrate #10YearsofCyclesandCradles and #NoCompromise.  Wow, has it really been 10 years already?

IMG_2446We love Cycles mild laundry detergent because it is hypoallergenic and phosphate-free, making it safe for babies’ sensitive skin.  Even before my babies were born, we washed all their clothes and linens with Cycles to prepare for their arrival!


We just got to try Cradle’s Baby Bottle Cleanser, and I’m happy with it!  It is safe enough to use for washing fruits and vegetables.


My baby girl and I are loving the Cycles Sensitive Baby Head to Toe Wash, which is fragrance-free and paraben-free.  Naomi has very sensitive skin and is prone to getting rashes, and this body wash works well with her skin type.  I even use this to wash her face.

IMG_2498My husband and I are both very praning about dengue, so for park days or whenever we take out kids to public places, we use Cycles Sensitive Non-DEET Insect Repellant.

IMG_2501And whenever we travel, we make sure to pack Cradle’s Toy and Surface Cleaner.  It’s great for disinfecting tabletops and high chairs, especially if your baby or toddler loves touching things or putting things in his or her mouth!

IMG_2502Get the chance to win Cycles and Cradle gift packs for your baby!  Here’s how12107881_10150560419654944_6016629308563559159_nThank you so much and happy 10th birthday, Cycles and Cradle!IMG_2519

Cycles and Cradle are available at leading supermarkets nationwide.

CYCLES Facebook | Instagram

CRADLE  Instagram

This is a sponsored post.  Thank you Cycles and Cradle for supporting Green Lunch Diaries!

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