Family Fun at Dreamplay, City of Dreams Manila

We finally made it to DreamPlay, the interactive play center operated by DreamWorks Studios at City of Dreams Manila.

1John’s Canada-based sister, Vicky, is in Manila with her family, and we decided to go with John’s whole family on a Thursday afternoon.  I’ve heard mixed reviews about DreamPlay, so we weren’t expecting too much.  And we ended up having such a fun time!

2The attractions all center around four of DreamWork’s top animated films: Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Madagascar.

345The first thing we did was to sign up for the gingerbread cookie making activity at Chez Gingy (Shrek).  It was a around 2:30 pm when we gt there, and the next available slots were at 5:00 pm.

21We weren’t sure what activity to do next, so we popped into Whatever Floats Your Boat (Madagascar), which was right next to Chez Gingy.  The kids were taught how to assemble their own boats, and had to race them down the “river.”  This is a totally skippable activity, in my opinion (but Jacob enjoyed it because he won the race, haha).

67Next they went on How to Fly Your Dragon Slides (How to Train Your Dragon).  It is a huge maze of twisting tube slides, each one ending in a dragon’s mouth.  This is probably the most popular attraction in DreamPlay, and kids can spend a whole hour or two here.

910I almost forgot, this is actually Jacob’s second visit to DreamPlay.  My cousins Patty and Michele brought him months ago, when it had just opened.  They said he loved the slides even then.

8Next we checked out Wall of Destiny (Kung Fu Panda).  Jacob wasn’t able to climb all the way to the top on his first try.  We encouraged him to try the green course, which his cousin Sabien was able to climb.

11I could see he was a bit scared, but we talked him into it, and this time, he made it all the way to the top!  Yay!  Go Jacob!

12Here are two more challenging attractions from Kung Fu Panda.  Jacob said he wants to try these next time.

1314The kids also went into Shrek’s swamp house, called Swamp Sweet Swamp.  We didn’t get to follow them in, because we got non-participating adult tickets.  Jacob said he really enjoyed this one, too.

151617Next, the kids went into  the Afro Circus at Fur Power (Madagascar).  It’s basically a play area filled with balls, and you can shoot them with canons and put them into suction tubes.

1819We caught the 4:20 pm screening at The Dream Theater, where they show 4-d animations from Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Madagascar.  It was all right, but I didn’t really appreciate getting sprayed with water every few seconds.  (Note: photos are not allowed inside)

20Then it was finally time for our gingerbread making activity!  The kids are told to wash up, put on their toques and aprons.

22aEach participant gets his or her own cooking station.

22bThe kids are taught to flatten and roll the dought, then cut it into the shape of a gingerbread man.  After the dough is baked, the kids get to decorate the cookies on their own.

23I’d say this is a good activity to end with.  I thought we were going home after this, but the kids wanted more time on the slides.

24Jacob tried some other activities in between, but these were the highlights.  We all really enjoyed our day at Dreamplay!  The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t sell local bottled water.  I had to shell out P280 for water at onsite fastfood counter!  They also sell bottomless soda for P140, and they were encouraging customers to buy this instead.  SO WRONG.  Make sure you bring your own water, and lots of it!

25And of course, you exit via the DreamWorks DreamShop.  Sabien got a stuffed Madagascar penguin, and Jacob chose a How To Train Your Dragon Busy Book with little action figures inside, which Vicky bought for him.

Here are the ticket prices + a handy illustrated map of DreamPlay via the City of Dreams Manila website:



I’d highly recommend DreamPlay for active kids aged 5 and up!

Book your tickets via or buy onsite.

DreamWorks’ DreamPlay, Upper Ground Floor, The Shops at the Boulevard, City of Dreams Manila, Phone: +632 808-0909

4 thoughts on “Family Fun at Dreamplay, City of Dreams Manila

    1. Hi Chessy! How old is Z now? Is he an active kid? We didn’t bring Naomi, and I’m glad because there was really nothing much for her to do there. We had a 6 month old baby with us, she stayed in her stroller the whole time. They do have a puppet theater and storytelling activities for the younger kids, but they are scheduled maybe once every two or three hours only! Great for older, more active kids though xx


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