Toilet Training with Huggies Dry Pants

Both my kids are Huggies babies.  We started them out on Huggies Dry Comfort/Total Protection from birth , and switched to Huggies Dry Pants when we were ready to start toilet training.

For Naomi, it all started even before she was born.  My cousin May made me a Huggies diaper cake for my baby shower!  She used small-sized diapers for the top layer, medium for the next two, large for the fourth, and extra-large for the bottom layer.

IMG_6936SIt really felt like winning the lottery when Huggies delivered this stash of Huggies Dry Pants to our home, just when we were about to start toilet training!

IMG_6811LHuggies Dry Pants are your best bet when toilet training because they are easy to pull down when your baby needs to go potty, and pull up again as needed.  The all-around stretchable waistband and quick-dry layer ensure maximum comfort for Naomi.  So long as we change her diaper regularly, there’s no need to worry about diaper rash.

When we need to remove the diaper, all we have to do is tear down the sides.  It’s so easy to do whether Naomi is standing up or lying down.

10920959_1023734840987071_1617776725936429210_nNaomi is super malikot and is always running around or climbing a piece of furniture, so another thing I appreciate about Huggies Dry Pants is that they really stay put.  This means, no leaks!

Huggies Dry Pants are really good value for money too, at about P8 per diaper for the Medium size.

1972458_959672284059994_8308350029737791364_nHave you tried Huggies Dry Pants on your baby?  I’d highly recommend them to all your toilet training mamas!

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Huggies Diapers are available at leading supermarkets, drug stores, and department stores nationwide.

Supplementary images via Huggies Philippines Facebook Page.

This is a sponsored post.  Thank you Huggies Philippines for supporting Green Lunch Diaries!

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