Taco Vengo

I’ve just discovered the best meatless tacos ever at this container van restaurant in Kapitolyo. Continue reading “Taco Vengo”

10 Years of Cycles and Cradle

Our family has been using Cycles mild laundry detergent ever since our first child, Jacob, was born over 6 years ago.  Continue reading “10 Years of Cycles and Cradle”

Food Styling and Photography Tips for Instagram

Last September, I had the pleasure of participating in a Mobile Food Photography Workshop conducted by Tenthousandthspoon Continue reading “Food Styling and Photography Tips for Instagram”

How to Eat Healthy in Airports

A few years ago, I decided that instead of making monumental, hard-to-keep New Year’s resolutions, I would instead make easy-to-do and super simple ones that would still result in self- or life-improvement.  One such resolution that I’ve made is to eat absolutely nothing sold at the airport or served on the plane, except for fresh fruit (exceptions may apply for long-haul flights). Continue reading “How to Eat Healthy in Airports”

Off the Beaten Path: Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Manila

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see your city in a whole new light, and today I’m excited to share a list of things to do in Manila from a rather unlikely source.

Continue reading “Off the Beaten Path: Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Manila”

Family Fun at Dreamplay, City of Dreams Manila

We finally made it to DreamPlay, the interactive play center operated by DreamWorks Studios at City of Dreams Manila. Continue reading “Family Fun at Dreamplay, City of Dreams Manila”

Toilet Training with Huggies Dry Pants

Both my kids are Huggies babies.  We started them out on Huggies Dry Comfort/Total Protection from birth , and switched to Huggies Dry Pants when we were ready to start toilet training. Continue reading “Toilet Training with Huggies Dry Pants”