Cathay Pacific and Citibank Travel Fair 2015: Buy 1 and Get 2nd Ticket at US$50

So yesterday, I went to Powerplant to check out the Cathay Pacific and Citibank Travel Fair.  I got there at 11:05 am, thinking I’d be one of the first in line…

1But there was already a long line!  At 11:05 am!

22a2cThey give you a list of destinations with corresponding rates to choose from.


I was in line for about 15 minutes, just to get a number.  After that, they said I would receive a text to let me know when it was almost my turn.  I thought it was pretty efficient.

3This is the first text I received, soon after getting my number.  I decided to have lunch while waiting.  After lunch, it still wasn’t my turn, so I went shopping.  After shopping, I wanted to go home already, but I had to wait for the driver to get back.

4Over 4 hours after I getting in line, I finally got a text calling me back to the travel fair.

5John and I were thinking of booking tickets to New York for next year.  We decided to compare the promo fares with the published fares on Cathay Pacific’s website.

At the travel fair, roundtrip economy seats to New York for John and I would have cost ($1738 + $123) + ($50 + $123) = $2,034 for both of us, inclusive of taxes.


On the Cathay Pacific website, fares were posted at $1139 x 2 = $2,278 for both of us, inclusive of taxes.


In the end, we decided it would be better to just book online.  The price difference was only $244 for 2 persons, and there were less restrictions such as being applicable only to low-peak seasons, and surcharges for high-peak seasons.

If you’re planning to book a trip, I suggest you take a look at the above fares and compare them with online fares first, to see if the discounts are worth lining up for.

For further information, please visit

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