Earth Kitchen: Now Open in BGC!

John and I have enjoyed many a meal at Earth Kitchen’s first branch along Katipunan Avenue, and we were happy to hear that they’ve opened a second restaurant on Bonifacio High Street.

1aEarth Kitchen is a partnership project between the Got Heart Foundation and Hizon’s Catering.  A farm-to-table restaurant, Earth Kitchen’s dishes were crafted to showcase the natural and organic produce of the Got Heart Farms and other partner farms in Tarlac, which support the livelihood of marginalized communities.

1bJust recently, we were invited to have lunch with the family at Earth Kitchen BGC, and it is every bit as homey and charming as its first restaurant.


Pinky Parra, who handles Marketing and Communications for Earth Kitchen and the Got Heart Foundation, welcomed us to the restaurant.  The BGC menu is exactly the same as the one in White Plains, and we ordered almost all our old favorites.

There are a lot of vegetarian options on the menu (marked with a “V,” as well as dishes that can be made vegetarian upon request, marked with “VR”).

1dCurried squash soup with yogurt and mint.

4Shrimp spring rolls with organic greens and herbs, peanuts, and lime hoisin sauce.

22bThese are the mushroom spring rolls that we ordered at the White Plains branch, made with organic shitake mushrooms, greens, herbs, peanuts, and the same lime hoisin sauce.

2cI love the salads at Earth Kitchen!  We always order at least two salads whenever we have lunch or dinner there.  This is the gorgeous Watermelon and Rocket Salad, with organic greens and arugula, edible flowers, pili nuts, and homemade kesong puti.  So good!

3My other favorite salad is the Tempura Salad with sesame dressing, but the BGC restaurant was out of tempura the day of our visit.

3cOur 6-year-old Jacob really likes the Fish and Mango.  It’s a Thai-tasting dish of crispy loro fish fillet, mango, cilantro, and chili plum sauce.

5a5bJacob also loves Earth Kitchen’s chicken kebabs and roast chicken, but they were out of chicken during our family lunch, so John, Jacob, and Naomi’s yaya had beef kebabs instead.  (I’m pesco-vegetarian, but the rest of my family still eats meat.)

8The sesame fish tacos are my favorite!  I love eating with my hands, and I always order this.

6The fish tacos are served with salad greens, seaweed, and roasted sesame dressing.  This is actually really similar in taste to the tempura salad, and it’s no coincidence that I love both!  Yum.


Thanks so much for lunch, Earth Kitchen!

Here’s the rest of the menu:

Have you tried eating at Earth Kitchen, either in White Plains or at the Fort?  Which dishes would you recommend?

EARTH KITCHEN, Upper G/F C2 Building, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig



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