Bun Appetit

There are few things I like as much as a really good sandwich, and the lobster rolls at Bun Appetit are REALLY.  GOOD.

1John and I discovered Bun Appetit at the Salcedo Market, and just recently we also met up with our friends at the Bun Appetit Pop Up at The Red Light.  They’ll be there all Saturdays of August, from 7pm to 12mn.

3The Shrimp Roll (P295) is all right, and the Crab Roll (P395), I didn’t like as much.  But you have to try the Lobster Roll, promise!  It’s a deceivingly simple sandwich of fresh Maine lobster chunks with a hint of mayonnaise on soft, buttered bread.

John complains that the rolls are overpriced at P595, but… yum.

4We always order some Mexican Grilled Corn (P120) and Garlic Noodles (P100) on the side.  The noodles are oilier than I would like them to be, but they go really well with the rolls.

5Here’s the full menu:


BUN APPETIT is available at the Salcedo Market in Makati every Saturday, or call +63947.8908010 for orders



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