Weekend Snaps: Road Testing the Chevrolet Trailblazer

I have a confession to make:  I don’t drive.  I’ve enrolled myself in driving school a few times, and I even have a driver’s license — but I’ve never actually done any driving except around the village where I grew up.  This used to embarrass me a bit, but I’ve since learned to appreciate all the advantages of having a driver to take me wherever it is I need to go.

Just recently, Chevrolet Philippines invited my family to test drive the Trailblazer, their best selling SUV.  This beauty was ours for an entire weekend:


Early Friday morning, our driver brought our 6-year-old Jacob to school in the Trailblazer, and even if I explained that the car was ours only for the weekend, Jacob was so excited about his new car!  “Mama, can we keep it?  Can we please buy this car?”  Jacob loves SUV’s… the bigger the wheels, the better!

I then spent over an hour in the Trailblazer, on my way to an event in Manila.  I enjoyed the comfortable leather seats, the wide leg room, and the overhead circular aircon vents that I could angle away from me.  The ride was so smooth and comfortable, I was able to doze off easily.

I met up with some of my favorite moms, and we wanted to see if we could all comfortably fit in the Trailblazer.  Here we are blocking Softel’s main entrance, haha!

chevyThe Trailblazer is so roomy inside!  Externally, it’s about the same size as the SUV our family is currently using, but inside, it is noticeably more spacious.  The perfect size for long rides and road trips.

Clockwise from top left: Christine Dychiao, Cai Sio, Tina Ong, Kaye Catral, Michelle Aventajado, Conci Navarro, Me, and Didi Tiu Tang | Photo by Michelle Aventajado

My husband, John, drove the car for the rest of the weekend.  He prefers to drive himself and very rarely asks our driver to take us anywhere.

IMG_8760The verdict: John was impressed with the Trailblazer’s powerful engine and said he enjoyed driving the car.  He also appreciated the backup camera and the recording dashboard camera.

Now that the rainy season is upon us, it’s also comforting to know that the Trailblazer was designed to be able to wade through up to 2.6 feet of flood water, if need be.  You can be confident that the Trailblazer will perform well even under extreme weather conditions.

IMG_8764For top-of-the-line Trailblazer models, you will also enjoy FREE Globe 4G Internet for 2 years.  Free WiFi in a luxury SUV, while being driven from point A to B?  Yes, please!


IMG_8566The Trailbazer was really the perfect size for our family, and we could all comfortably sit in the car with John and I, both kids, two yayas, and extra room to spare.

IMG_8906The back of the car is large enough to store our stroller, baby bags, and more; and when you fold up the rear seats, there’s enough space for a pile of luggage, a small bike, and other cargo you might need to transport.  All in all, the Trailblazer is the ideal family car, without having to go into van territory.


10 more things to love about the Chevrolet Trailblazer:

  1. With screen monitoring capabilities for both iOS and Android, connect your phone to your car via the Chevrolet MyLink color touchscreen display with screen mirroring.
  2. Camaro-inspired blue LED illuminated gauges, reversing camera, and 32GB recording dashboard camera.
  3. 800mm water wading capability and 200-ton towing capacity.
  4. Rugged yet elegant design on 18″ alloy wheels for selected variants.
  5. Easily configurable premium leather seats with generous space for 7 full-sized adults.
  6. Upgraded 1.8 liter Duramax engine and best-in-class for torque.
  7. Choose between 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic.
  8. Engaging its 4×4 drive train with limited slip differential is done effortlessly via electronic drive mode select system.
  9. Experience enhanced visibility with LED projector headlamps, LED fog lamps, daytime running lamps, LED tail lamps, and headlamp leveling control.
  10. State of the art SUV with Dynamic Driving Technology that includes anti-lock brake system, dynamic brake distribution, traction control, hydraulic brake assist, panic brake assist, electronic stability control, engine drag control, cornering brake control, hydraulic brake fade assist, hill descent control, and hill start assist.

trailblazerGet your own Chevrolet Trailblazer now for only P1,298,888 for the entry level 2.5 Liter DOHC 4×2 DSL 6-Speed MT LT.  You can also take advantage of Chevrolet’s offers in celebration of Chevrolet Truck Month, and own a Trailblazer for w low downpayment of only P188,000.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is available in Summit White, Black Sapphire, Sizzled Red, Auburn Brown, Oceanic Blue, Satin Steel Grey, and Switchblade Silver.


The Covenant Car Company is the exclusive importer and distributor of Chevrolet automobiles and parts in the Philippines.  CLICK HERE to find the Chevrolet dealership nearest you.

CHEVROLET PHILIPPINES HEADQUARTERS, 5/F Alco Building, #391 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati


This is a sponsored post. Thank you Chevrolet Philippines for supporting Green Lunch Diaries!

Supplementary images via Chevrolet Philippines

One thought on “Weekend Snaps: Road Testing the Chevrolet Trailblazer

  1. I think number 6 on “10 more things to love about the Chevrolet Trailblazer” is wrong, I think it should be 2.8 instead of 1.8 and number 3 which is
    200-ton towing capacity.


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