CIBO 18 Pairs for 18 Years: What You Can Order for P18.00

Yesterday, the husband and I decided to have lunch at Cibo, because we wanted to take advantage of their special 18th anniversary menu.  The menu is made up of 18 pairs of dishes, one of which you order at the regular price, and the other one for only P18.00.


Contrary to some of the things I’ve read on the Net and on social media, you can’t just order whatever regular-priced dish you want and pick another dish of your choice for P18.00.  All the dishes in the 18th anniversary menu are pre-paired, just like in a debut.

We ordred Crema di Zucca for P215…


And Panino Verdure for P18.00!


Pizza Funghi for P360…


And Linguine Nero for P18.


My all-time favorite at Cibo, Rigatoni All’Alfonso for P365…


And Funghi Dip for P18!


It was my first time to try the funghi dip, because we always order the spinach!  So glad I finally tried this because it’s really good, too.


Here’s the full 18 pairs menu so you can plan on what to order! IMG_8504CIBO’S 18 PAIRS MENU

  1. Spinaci Zola P255 + Panino Sardine P18
  2. Insalata Pacifica P260 + Penne All’Amado P18
  3. Panino Praga P275 + Minestrone Alla Genovese P18
  4. Farfalle Alla Genovese P295 + Bruschetta Pomodoro P18
  5. Ossobuco Gremolata P460 + Tegamino Groviera P18
  6. Crema di Zucca P215 + Panino Verdure P18
  7. Minestra di Funghi P220 + Filetto di Pesce P18
  8. Panino Maiale P250 + Penne All’Ortolana P18
  9. Pizza Prosciutto di Parma P390 + Penne Fiori in Bianco P18
  10. Penne al Telefono P355 + Bruschetta Pomodoro Classico P18
  11. Tagliata di Manzo P470 + Insalata Nizzarda P18
  12. Lombatine Di Miale P390 + Bruschetta Funghi P18
  13. Pizza Funghi P370 + Linguine Al Nero P18
  14. Panino Manzo P355 + Spaghetti Alla Margherita P18
  15. Rigatoni All’Alfonso P365 + Dip Al Forno Funghi P18
  16. Pollo Arrosto P450 + Pappa Al Pomodoro P18
  17. Trancio Di Salmone P610 + Insalata Del Sole P18
  18. Pizza Porchetta P470 + Farfalle Fioro in Rosso P18

*Mondays to Thursdays, until September 30, 2015.  Dine-in only.

For further information, please visit Cibo’s Website or Facebook Page

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