The Panorama Test

Last Monday, I attended a lovely lunch at Chef Jessie in Rockwell Club for the launch of Hi-Precision Diagnostics’ latest service, The Panorama Screen Test.

1Everything was so healthy and delicious!

2Heart of palm and alugbati salad in tamarind vinaigrette dressing

3Creamy Ratatouille


Fried Apahap in Grenobloise sauce, served with mashed potatoes and french beans


Princess Carmen – Chef Jessie’s pistachio sans rival with mango coulis


Table Mates (left to right): Christine Dychiao (@christinedychiao), Monica Eleazar-Manzano (@dharmadreamsbig), Em Sulit (@emmsulit), Cat Aranbulo-Antonio (@catarambulo), Jackie Go (@gojackiego), Moi, and Tina Ong (@thephenomenalmama)

While enjoying our delicious meal, we listened to Hi-Precision Diagnostics’ panel of experts, each of whom explained a different aspect of their newest service, the Panorama Prenatal Screen Test.  Allow me to share with you some key things I learned from Hi-Precision.


The Panorama Prenatal Screen is a non-invasive DNA screening test, which gives essential genetic information about your baby as early as 9 weeks into your pregnancy.

Prenatal screens are somewhat controversial, but Hi-Precision presented a convincing case with this video about a mother whose special needs child goes undiagnosed in the early years of his life, and how a test like Panorama would have meant a world of difference for them.


By simply providing a sample of your blood, you can already screen for a broad panel of chromosomal conditions, such as Down Syndrome, and a lot of other less common chromosomal abnormalities and microdeletions.  And when you know the state of your child’s health as early as possible, you can better prepare for your child’s future.

6bPanorama may be done in a single in-office visit at any of Hi-Precision Diagnostics’ branches, and costs P37,000.  It’s an expensive test , but according to one of the event speakers, the same test costs $1,000 in the United States, meaning it’s already priced lower for the Philippine market.

The Panorama screen was developed by Natera, a genetic testing compaby based in California, and now available in the Philippines at Hi-Precision Diagnostics.

According to VP for Sales and Marketing Melissa Ongsue-Lee, Hi-Precision Diagnostics is dedicated to providing the highest quality laboratory services, giving their patients the most accurate information which may have a significant effect on their lives.


They offer the largest network of medical examination and diagnostic facilities in the Philippines, with over 20 branches in Manila and Cebu, and a workforce of over a thousand.

9Hi-Precision Diagnostics offers a full-range of services and diagnostic packages, from simple blood chemistry and Executive Health Checks, to the most advanced screen tests available in the country, such as Panorama.


You can find Hi-Precision Diagnostics’ full list of branches HERE


Supplementary images via Hi-Precision Diagnostics and Creative Juice

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