Easy Recipe: Flourless Chocolate Mug Cake

This is the easiest mug cake recipe ever, and it’s so good!  I could serve this to dinner guests and they’d never know I “baked” these in a microwave. Continue reading “Easy Recipe: Flourless Chocolate Mug Cake”

Cathay Pacific and Citibank Travel Fair 2015: Buy 1 and Get 2nd Ticket at US$50

So yesterday, I went to Powerplant to check out the Cathay Pacific and Citibank Travel Fair.  I got there at 11:05 am, thinking I’d be one of the first in line… Continue reading “Cathay Pacific and Citibank Travel Fair 2015: Buy 1 and Get 2nd Ticket at US$50”

Earth Kitchen: Now Open in BGC!

John and I have enjoyed many a meal at Earth Kitchen’s first branch along Katipunan Avenue, and we were happy to hear that they’ve opened a second restaurant on Bonifacio High Street. Continue reading “Earth Kitchen: Now Open in BGC!”

Sweet Dreams with Elica

As a mom, I know how it feels when my kids have difficulty sleeping, whether it is due to a stuffy nose or eczema.  With eczema in particular, kids get so uncomfortable and irritable with the persistent itching. Continue reading “Sweet Dreams with Elica”

Bun Appetit

There are few things I like as much as a really good sandwich, and the lobster rolls at Bun Appetit are REALLY.  GOOD.

Continue reading “Bun Appetit”

Savor Your “Me” Time with Pine-Sol

Pine-Sol is a one brand that I automatically associate with housework, so I was surprised when they invited me and a group of other moms to enjoy a day of pampering at Sofitel Manila. Continue reading “Savor Your “Me” Time with Pine-Sol”

Sakura by Edo San

A little over a month ago, my cousin Steve and his fiancee Anj celebrated their Tin Hun (Chinese engagement ceremony) with lunch at City Club Makati, catered by Sakura by Edo San.

Continue reading “Sakura by Edo San”

Weekend Snaps: Road Testing the Chevrolet Trailblazer

I have a confession to make:  I don’t drive.  I’ve enrolled myself in driving school a few times, and I even have a driver’s license — but I’ve never actually done any driving except around the village where I grew up.  This used to embarrass me a bit, but I’ve since learned to appreciate Continue reading “Weekend Snaps: Road Testing the Chevrolet Trailblazer”

CIBO 18 Pairs for 18 Years: What You Can Order for P18.00

Yesterday, the husband and I decided to have lunch at Cibo, because we wanted to take advantage of their special 18th anniversary menu.  The menu is made up of 18 pairs of dishes, one of which you order at the regular price, and the other one for only P18.00.

Continue reading “CIBO 18 Pairs for 18 Years: What You Can Order for P18.00”

How to Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Own Backyard (or Balcony)

One of the life goals that I share with my husband is to grow our own organic vegetables for our family.  So when we received an invitation to join an Organic Urban Gardening Workshop at Continue reading “How to Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Own Backyard (or Balcony)”

The Panorama Test

Last Monday, I attended a lovely lunch at Chef Jessie in Rockwell Club for the launch of Hi-Precision Diagnostics’ latest service, The Panorama Screen Test.

Continue reading “The Panorama Test”