Hanoi Eats: Loft Stop Cafe

There was a restaurant called Loft Stop Cafe just across the street from our hotel, and we decided to have dinner there after returning from our Ninh Binh day trip, because we were all too tired to go anywhere else.

IMG_2260We were all really hungry from spending the whole day under the sun, and it took forever for our food to come out!  But all was forgiven when we were finally served, because I absolutely loved my dinner!  I had the Cha Ca, which is fried fish marinated in turmeric and galangal, served with vegetables, citrus fruits, peanuts, fresh dill, and rice noodles, to roll up in fresh rice paper and dip in nuoc mam sauce.  Mmmmm, so good!

IMG_2255The restaurant is owned by a Frenchman (he was there when we ate dinner, and came over to our table for a chat), and they serve both Vietnamese and casual French fare.  Really good food in a relaxed setting, I’d definitely go back for more Cha Ca the next time I find myself in Hanoi.


LOFT STOP CAFE, #11-B Ngo Bao Khanh, Hanoi, Vietnam, Phone: +84 4 3928 9433

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