Hanoi Eats: Gourmet Corner

My cousin Queen read up on a lot of Hanoi restaurants on Tripadvisor prior to our trip.  Gourmet Corner was ranked as the city’s 6th best restaurant, and we decided to have lunch there on Day 3.


The restaurant is located on the top floor of Essence Diamond hotel, and is well-known not just for its food offerings, but also for “the finest view” of Hanoi’s skyline.  It was a really hot day when we were there, though, so the window blinds were all down.

IMG_2360I had the sesame falafel stuffed with tofu and lotus seeds, vegetable curry, and fish wrapped in banana leaves.

IMG_2366The food was all right, but definitely not the best we had on our trip.


IMG_2359IMG_2358We hung out at the restaurant’s terrace for a bit after eating, and they really do have a nice view of the city.  All in all a good place to have a simple and relaxed lunch.

THE GOURMET CORNER, Essence Diamond Hotel, #32 Lo Su Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam, Phone: (+84-4) 3935 1632   Ext. 1205, Email: gourmetcorner@hanoielegancehotel.com


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