Sofitel Legend Metropole

Sofitel Legend Metropole is one of my favorite Hanoi discoveries.  The hotel has been on my must-visit list ever since reading this interview with Anthony Bourdain.  But even with my high expectations, I was blown away by how beautiful it was in reality.


The Metropole is an award-winning French colonial-style hotel in the heart of the French Quarter, near the Hanoi Opera House.  Originally called Thong Nat Hotel when it was built in 1901, it is one of Hanoi’s last remaining hotels from that era.

IMG_1693I read somewhere that the hotel retained the bomb shelter built into the original property, and you can request to see it as a guest.  Learn more about its impressive history here.


We had lunch at one of the hotel’s restaurants after walking around under the sun all morning, and it was like an oasis in the desert.  Everything was so lovely and homey — we had the longest lunch ever, and didn’t want to leave.


I love the Metropole so much, I’d probably plan a trip back to Hanoi just to stay here.  Or even just to brunch.


SOFITEL LEGEND METROPOLE, 15 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District , Hanoi, Vietnam, Phone: +84 4 3826 6919

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