Naomi’s Picnic-Themed 1st Birthday Party

My family isn’t very big on birthday parties.  We always celebrate very simply, with a small lunch or dinner at home or at a restaurant.  As long as we’ve got cake and each other, it’s all good.

The only milestones we really celebrate with parties are the 1st and 7th birthdays.  Naomi turned 1 last October, and I wanted to share some photos even if this was 8 months ago.

We had the party at The Atrium at Enderun.  It’s a beautiful venue with a sky-high ceiling and lots of natural light streaming in.

4My baby girl is a year old!  Here she is walking on the stage.  Naomi threw up on her party dress the minute we got to Enderun, and all we had in her diaper bag was a rumpled dress that had been in stuffed in her bag for weeks.  Sooo unprepared but I’m just glad she had something to wear!

JK2_2568My cousin May Nubla is an event stylist, and she created our party’s “garden picnic” theme.

JK2_2380RTB_0227-1We booked Chayno as our party host and magician, and the kids loved him!  I’d highly recommend him for your kiddie parties.

JK2_2993Happy birthday Naomi!  Dada, Mama, and Ahia love you very much!


P.S. Jacob is turning 7 this December, and I’ve already started planning his party!  We’re having it at the park, so please let me know if you have any suggestions or recommended suppliers for an outdoor kiddie party! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Naomi’s Picnic-Themed 1st Birthday Party

  1. Thanks for sharing Pam:) I’m in the midst of planning my baby’s 1st birthday party. Seeing the cute photos on your blog is surely an encouragement, especially since I’m so stressed with the party planning, hehe

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  2. Hi Pam try mo pick and mix yung sa May mall they can bring the cart to the event and kids can choose variety of candies . Look for Tina Mariano owner tel number 6282298 😊😊


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