Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo

Karen’s Kitchen, home bakery of red velvet, chocolate ganache, and sticky toffee fame, has just opened their very first restaurant in Kapitolyo, and it is such a cheerful, storybook-pretty space.

1 The restaurant is in an old house that they’ve leased for 5 years, and renovated in shabby-chic style.  Some of the decor they used include old sewing machines repurposed as tables, white wooden chairs and custom built benches, chandeliers made of mismatched old teacups, and specially printed place mats with uplifting Bible verses.

My cousin Patty just recently invited me to lunch here, and she introduced me to the lovely owner, Karen Estuart Young.  Karen explained how she wanted to use a lot of old or even broken things to decorate the place, and repurpose them into something beautiful, to symbolize how you can do the same with brokenness in your life.  And how Jesus Christ can restore you into something new.


The story behind the restaurant is this:  Karen bought the antique stove below from an online dealer, and she loved it so much, but had nowhere to put it.  So she decided to build a restaurant to house it!

4They also have an area that can be closed off for private functions, with its own piano that guests are welcome to use.


Karen’s Kitchen is on soft opening, and Karen and her staff are still tweaking the menu, but basically, what they serve is healthy homestyle food, cooked with love.  All the dishes were developed by Karen herself, and she does a lot of the cooking too.

Achi Patty and I started with some squash soup garnished with a squash blossom.


Followed by salad with artichokes, cherry tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and sliced almonds, garnished with a Parmesan crisp.  Yum!


Lapu-lapu topped with fresh pesto on a bed of kale leaves, with portobello mushrooms, French beans, and cherry tomatoes on the side.


Really enjoyed Karen’s squid ink quinoa paella!  I love paella negra, and I’m so happy to finally have this rice-free version.  I’m definitely ordering this again on my next visit.


For dessert, we decided to have scones instead of a slice of cake.  Good decision!  The scones were lightly crisp and structured, but still butter and flaky.


Karen recommended ending our meal with her Liquid Chocolate.  Ahh, yum!  I loved this too, but I’m glad Achi Patty and I just shared a cup, because it’s super rich!

Karen’s Kitchen is actually the perfect place to meet a friend for coffee or dessert, too.  You can order UCC hand-drip coffee, liquid chocolate, fresh scones, and a slice of two of Karen’s famous cakes.


Everything we had was delicious, from soup to dessert!  I’ll be back to try Karen’s veggie crispizza and her highly recommended mushroom pasta.

Here is the full menu:

Karen’s Kitchen Menu

Some of the dishes have to be ordered a day in advance, so it’s best to call ahead, especially since they are still on soft opening.

KAREN’S KITCHEN, 17A San Rafael Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Telephone: (632) 696.3332 or 234-5118, Mobile:+63197.5394968


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