The Gourmand Market

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I met up for lunch at BGC, and we decided to check out The Gourmand Market after eating. 


The market, organized by Trish Panlilio and Dara David-Roa, was set up on the park grounds right outside Central Square mall and next to the High Street fountains.

14There was an excellent variety of vendors at the market, selling everything from organic produce, to artisanal food and beverages, to plants and home decor.

15The organizers also set up tables and benches around the market, where people could enjoy their food and drinks right under the trees.  Everything was beautifully set up and rustic-looking, like something straight out of Pinterest.

29aI loved all the breads I tried at The Breadery!  My favorites were the kimchi bun, olive and cheese bread, and the truffle bun.  They’ve just opened a shop along Emerald Avenue, and I really want to check it out soon.

4I also bought a jar of chipotle hummus by Real Girl Toy Kitchen and it’s the best hummus ever!  I posted on Instagram that I planned to snack on it all week, but it lasted just a day even if I didn’t share.

6Whisk makes really good dressings.  The Japanese Mango is one of my favorites!

5And of course for gorgeous wooden bowls, cheese boards, bread baskets, and other home and kitchen ware, Domesticity is a one-stop shop.

12We basically just walked around sampling everything in sight, from granola to homemade ginger ale.  I wanted to buy something from almost every stall!

7113Some of my other favorite finds from the market: the salted caramel brownie crunch and the roasted cacao nibs with chia and flax seeds crisps by Snack Box, cheese pimiento by Nicole Ortega, truffled mushroom bocaditos from Baked by Anita, and new flavors of Take Root’s kale mix chips (I liked Garlic Bread and Margherita Pizza).

I was also surprised to see Teacher Kristine (from Jacob’s old preschool) selling yummy homemade chocnut butter at the market!  I got a jar to share with the family, but I must confess to eating some of it with just a spoon, like ice cream!  Check out Teacher Kristine’s line of sinfully sweet spreads, called KT’s Kitchen.

1aI enjoyed myself so much, I went back the very next night with husband in tow.  The market is equally enchanting at night, with live music, warm lights, and a soft breeze to cool you while you shop.  Some of the vendors had already sold out of their bestselling items, though!


Can’t wait for the next Gourmand Market!  I heard they plan to do this just twice a year, but with the success of their very first market, I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up organizing another one soon.

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