Tokyo Eats: Manneken Belgian Waffles

When John and I were in Ginza, we always stopped by Manneken for our waffle fix.  It’s a small shop right on the street, and they make the waffles fresh and in-store.  The buttery aroma calls out to you from a mile away, and you really have no choice but to fall in line.

IMG_6985Manneken makes really delicious Belgian waffles!  They are slightly crisp and lightly glazed outside, and perfectly chewy inside.  And chewy waffles tastes so much better than the pancake-y kind.


I tried four different waffles, and loved all of them, but if forced to pick just one, it would have to be the Matcha.  Or maybe it’s just because I’ve never had Matcha waffles ever before.


The maple waffle has just the right sweetness.


I wasn’t expecting to like the chocolate flavored waffle as much, because I was hoping for the whole waffle to be chocolate instead of just having a chocolate topping.  But this was really good too.


The almond waffle is similar in taste to the maple, but with the added crunch of crushed almonds as a topping.


See John walking around with his two waffles.  Told you Matcha was our favorite 🙂


Have you tried Manneken waffles?  So good, right?   Which flavor is your favorite?

MANNEKEN, 5-7-19 Ginza, Tokyo

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