Tokyo Eats: Gindaco Takoyaki

When it comes to takoyaki, you either like it or you don’t.  John’s not a fan, but I personally love a good takoyaki..    IMG_7107 Gindaco makes really good takoyaki.  I’ve tried other takoyakis in Manila and other Asian countries, but so far Gindaco makes the best I’ve tried.

IMG_7114There are different toppings to choose from, and I just pointed to the picture I found most appealing.

IMG_7108Here’s what I had.  The balls are perfectly golden and crisp on the outside, and all melty and gooey with real octopus bits on the inside.  It was so good!

IMG_7188Are you a takoyaki fan?  Are there any ones aside from Gindaco that you can recommend?

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