Vegetarian Meal Delivery by The Sexy Chef + a Giveaway!

I’m always surprised when people ask me if I’m still “on a diet” ever since I gave up eating meat. The truth is, I decided awhile back that diets don’t work for me, and I’m not gonna do them anymore.

The Sexy Chef delivers their meals packed in paper bowls and plastic containers. Of course I still plated all my food, because plating is fun and in my opinion, it makes food taste better too!

I eat whatever I want, and I don’t want to eat beef, pork, or chicken anymore.  And this has nothing to do with being on a diet.

The Sexy Chef’s Vegetarian Tantanmen with tofu, shitake mushrooms, leafy greens, and corn

I’d describe my current diet as pesco-vegetarian.  I stick to a vegan diet most days, but when eating out with the family, on vacation, or other special occasions, I do eat fish and seafood.

Tofu arroz ala cubana. Arroz ala cubana is one of my favorite homestyle Filipino dishes and brings back fond memories of my childhood! I enjoyed this with a fried egg on top.

Just a few weeks ago, Rachel Alejandro of The Sexy Chef sent me an email asking if I’d like to try their Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service.  Of course I immediately said yes!

LUNCH, DAY 2 — Vegetarian Burger served with lettuce and slice of cheese of a whole wheat bun.

Hooray for five whole days of healthy, meatless meals delivered right to my doorstep. Yay for five whole days of not having to worry about what to eat!

Anyway, soon after Rachel and I exchanged emails, I was contacted by Stephanie B. Dorosan, nutrition specialist at The Sexy Chef.  Stephanie sent me their vegetarian menu with two options to choose from, and she said I could mix and match from both options too

Here’s what they sent me: sexychefmenu

Everything sounded so good!  But since “all of the above” wasn’t an option, I emailed back my choices and excitedly waited for delicious meatless meals to start appearing at my doorstep.

Tucking into my bowl of lentil bolognese by The Sexy Chef, while having a pretend picnic with the kids!

One thing I wasn’t expecting was how much having meals delivered felt like such a treat!  Every morning I really looked forward to receiving my food!  It’s kind of the same feeling I had when I was still in high school, and we would order a pizza and wait for it to arrive.  You know the feeling, right?

Scrambled tofu and bean burrito by The Sexy Chef. So yum!

It was really perfect timing too, because I put on so much weight on the two trips I went on these past two months. Not to mention all the holiday weight I gained that never went away! I’m a long way from anyone calling me fat, but I kind of needed a push back in the direction of healthy eating.

Veggie Mongolian Rice Bowl by The Sexy Chef

And after trying The Sexy Chef’s vegetarian meals for five whole days, I’m happy to report that their food really is delicious!  My personal favorites were the tofu satay, arroz ala cubana, scrambled tofu burrito, vegan sloppy joe, and veggie pad thai.  I wouldn’t mind eating these dishes all over again, and guarantee that even omnivores will enjoy them.

The Sexy Chef’s Sloppy Veg Head Joe. I super enjoyed this with blue potato chips on the side 🙂

In addition to my daily packed lunches and dinners by The Sexy Chef, I also had oatmeal and coffee for breakfast and avocado on toast and chocolate almond milk whenever I felt like I needed a snack.

Vegetarian Pad Thai by The Sexy Chef, I topped mine with fresh cilantro!

The portion sizes were reasonable, but since I’m used to eating a lot more, it did take some getting used to.  We also went out for dinner 3 out of 5 nights, and I ended up eating my packed dinner for merienda on those nights (eep).

The Sexy Chef’s Eggplant Moussaka hot and fresh from the oven.

In spite of all these, though, my 5-day trial of The Sexy Chef has left me feeling lighter, healthier, and just fantastic overall!  Thank you so much, The Sexy Chef!

One of my favorites from The Sexy Chef’s vegetarian menu, Tofu Satay with peanut sauce, misono veggies, and brown rice.

Green Lunch Diaries x The Sexy Chef Giveaway

Want to try The Sexy Chef’s meals for yourself? I’ve got awesome news for you!

Green Lunch Diaries is giving away a Three Day Vegetarian Meal Delivery Program by The Sexy Chef to one (1) lucky reader! *Open to Metro Manila residents only

Simply do these 3 things to join the giveaway:

(1) Like The Sexy Chef and Green Lunch Diaries on Facebook.

(2) Share this post on Facebook with the message “The Sexy Chef Meal Delivery Giveaway happening now on”

(3) Leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you want to try The Sexy Chef, and include your Facebook user name.  (Please make sure you use a real and active email address when leaving your comment, because this is how I will contact you if you win.)

Contest closes 11:59pm on March 31, 2015, and The Sexy Chef reps will pick one winner at their discretion, based on your comment and shares.  Winner will be announced on the blog after Holy Week.

To learn more about The Sexy Chef, please visit their website, check out their Facebook page, or follow them on Instagram @thesexychef

THE SEXY CHEF, G/F Tower 4, Xavier Hills Condominium, Granada corner N. Domingo Streets, Quezon City, Phone: (632) 721.7399 or (632) 721.8881, Mobile: +63917. 8948881 or +6391. 7992433, Email:

22 thoughts on “Vegetarian Meal Delivery by The Sexy Chef + a Giveaway!

  1. After having three kids, I have put on a lot of weight. Its been 4 years since my last C-section and yet it is still a struggle to lose weight. I have tried diets and even slimming treatments but both did not work. It did not help too that I have PCOS, which contributes to having hormonal imbalance. I want to try The Sexy Chef food delivery to jumpstart my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Maybe this time around, I will be victorious in my battle with the weighing scale.


  2. After having three kids, I have put on a lot of weight. Its been 4 years since my last C-section and yet it is still a struggle to lose weight. I have tried diets and even slimming treatments but both did not work. It did not help too that I have PCOS, which contributes to having hormonal imbalance. I want to try The Sexy Chef food delivery to jumpstart my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Maybe this time around, I will cone out victorious in my battle with the weighing scale.


  3. I want to try the Sexy Chef because it looks delicious and would make preparing meals easier. My facebook name is Rachel S


  4. I want to try The Sexy Chef because i’m serious about eating healthier and losing weight, i need to change those bad eating habits, and start thinking differently about my diet and lifestyle. Plus, the everyday menu looks so yummy! I hope you can give me an opportunity to try this & I know in three day vegetarian meal program it can give a great help on getting not just the body that I always wanted but also the good health that I am also looking forward. Cheers to my first step in fitness without so much hassle!👏👏👏

    Facebook username: ezra kaye


  5. Being a mom to an active 3-year old, and a wife to an impossibly stubborn picky carnivore husband who seems to love eating everything processed, I rarely have time to cook healthy meals for myself. It’s been 3 years, and my pregnancy weight is still hanging around. Mostly around my arms and thighs. Sigh. I constantly strive to eat healthy, believe me, and I love eating my vegetables, but it’s difficult when you’re stuck with repeatedly having them just steamed or stir-fried. Getting yummy, healthy food delivered to my doorstep would be such a wonderful treat! Who knows? When the hubby sees how delicious veggies can be, he just might decide to try and change his horrible food choices, too!

    FB name Rachelle Ang Tan


  6. I want to go back to my old weight after having 3 kids in less than 5 years. I’m turning 30 this year and being healthy and fit will be good way to start my 30’s 🙂


  7. I think eating healthy is the responsible thing to do. I may not always be at the top of my game when it comes to health but I do try and the Sexy Chef is a great way to start.
    Becoming sexy is actually just a bonus because if you are eating right, you are not wasting human resources by eating junk. (You can probably tell that I’m a minimalist, well newbie at least)

    I guess that’s it. Let’s all stay healthy, be happy, and make a contribution to society.

    Luningning Arabiran


  8. I would love to try The Sexy Chef’s meal because I love eating. I eat what I like but I think I’m not doing it right and abusing my self too. The Sexy Chef prepare meals that is just right and have enough nutrition that our body needed every day, and that is what I need now to control and enjoy what I eat and to be fit and sexy too.

    Emilie Udasco


  9. Hi! I am Juliana, a 15 year old competitive swimmer. Just like any youth athlete, I watch what I eat but I also give in to the occasional cheat days.:) Because I train about 3 hours a day, I eat a lot to have the energy to burn. I try to eat healthy and consume “real food” most of the time and I hope to see if I can get a balance between being a vegetarian and a competitive athlete. I love the vegetarian meals that my mom makes, but I am hoping to add more variety to my vegetables.:)

    Crossing my fingers that I win.:)

    FB: Juliana Ong


  10. this is a great giveaway i would love to win this amazing prize because im going healthy this year after having some medical issue fall on me and i want to be healthy and around to watch my grandson grow up..thanks for this great chance shared on my facebook page under the name of Amy Tolley and liked both pages on facebook


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