Tokyo Eats: Nodaiwa

I love unagi!  In Manila, I’ll eat it anywhere, from Senju, to Nihonbashitei, to the frozen vacuum-packed version at S&R.  John isn’t really an unagi fan, but I’m glad he agreed to have lunch with me at Nodaiwa, the unagi restaurant recommended by Gaggan Anand in Where Chefs Eat.


Nodaiwa has also been featured in The Guardian’s Tokyo restaurant guide, and is also known for having been awarded 1 Michelin star.  We consulted our concierge about our choice, and she enthusiastically recommended it too.  She explained that the original restaurant was near the Roppongi area, but they also had a branch in Ginza.  We asked her to arrange a lunch booking at Ginza since we were really planning to go back there anyway.


Nodaiwa is located in the basement of an office building that is attached to the Ginza station, and we got lost trying to find it.  Turns out is was partially hidden from view, near one of the C-numbered exits inside the station.  No English signage to help you out, but just look for the Birdland sign since the two restaurants are beside each other.


John and I had large-sized unagi kabayaki sets over rice, with miso soup, pickes, and green tea.


Nodaiwa prides itself on serving only wild-caught eel (as opposed to farmed) and you can really taste how fresh and tender their eel is.


They have really good green tea, too.



NODAIWA, 4-2-15 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, Phone: +81 3-5524-3125

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