Tempur Breeze #BestSleepEver

When you think of a luxurious bed, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s Tempur.

They say that once you have slept on a Tempur mattress and pillow, there’s no going back. The material conforms to your body to provide support and comfort, so that you’re able to achieve your most comfortable sleeping position for the best sleep ever.

UntitledSleep is sooooo important to me, and I consider a good night’s sleep to be one of life’s greatest luxuries. Sleeping well makes you sp much healthier. So much happier. When I wake up from a full 8 hours of restful sleep, I just feel ready to take on anything that comes my way!

And sleep is one of those things that money can’t buy. But you can use that money to buy a Tempur mattress and increase your chances of sleeping better.  Yeah, I think that with a Tempur mattress, your chances of sleeping well are gonna be pretty darn good.

IMG_7558I know this not because I sleep on a Tempur mattress at home (the mattress is on my wish list)… but because I recently spent a blissful evening reclining on a Tempur mattress while watching an outdoor movie in the middle of BGC!

Yes, a private open-air cinema inside a giant tent the middle of BGC! And instead of cinema seats or even la-z-boys, we had Tempur beds to recline on! How cool is that?

I was there with my 6-year-old, and he thoroughly enjoyed not only lying on queen-sized Tempur Breeze Original mattress, but also jumping from bed to bed with the other kids before the screening.

IMG_7481While watching the movie (How to Train Your Dragon), we were served delicious food by Florabel, and the kids helped themselves to a candy buffet and movie snacks.

IMG_7561I also got to hang out with my friends Janice, Jen, Thammie, Cai, Kaye, and Jane, and finally got to meet Em and Didi!  We mamas had so much fun 🙂  Also in the photo is Rain, the super adorbs daughter of Rina and Richie.


The event was hosted by Tessa Prieto-Valdes, who told us more about Tempur and their latest product innovations.



  • Tempur products are  recognized by experts and sleep centers worldwide for the comfort and superior support they provide.
  • Satisfied customers report how their Tempur mattress helped them with
  • their back, joint, and neck problems, as well as difficulties in sleeping.
  • Tempur is the only mattress recognized by NASA and certified by The Space Foundation.
  • Tempur Mattresses are avialble in Original, Cloud, and Sensation variants, so you can choose your desired texture and firmness.

breezeAt the event, Tempur also launched their latest innovation, which they call Tempur Breeze.  This new mattress features a new and proprietary Tempur Climate material that reduces humidity and increases airflow, thus optimizing the micro-climate to help you feel cooler and even more comfortable while you sleep.

pillowThey also have a Breeze pillow to go with their new mattress.  The generous folks at Tempur Philippines gave each of us our own Breeze pillows at the event, and I’ve been using mine ever since!  It’s really soooo comfortable and has helped me sleep better.  It makes me want my own Tempur mattress all the more.

Thanks so much for inviting me to your fun event, Focus Global Inc.!

In the Philippines, Tempur Mattresses and Pillows are available at the following showrooms:  Level 5, Main Wing, Shangri-la Plaza Mall / LGF Greenbelt 5 / B5 Bonifacio High Street / Design Center of Cebu, Mandaue, Cebu

Focus Global Inc., Pioneer corner Reliance Streets, Mandaluyong City, Phone: (632) 634.8587, Email: corporate@focusglobalinc.com



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