Travel Notes: Upper House Hong Kong

With the summer break coming up soon, I’ve been doing a few posts on Hong Kong.  John and I usually choose to stay in Causeway Bay or TST for our HK trips, but today I want to write about our stay at Upper House in Central, from over a year ago.

Upper House is the gorgeous and stylish Andre Fu-designed Swire hotel located right above Pacific Place in Admiralty.  Oddly enough, there is no direct access from the mall to the hotel.  So if you take the MTR to your hotel, you’ll have to get off at the Admiralty station, pass through Pacific Place, take an elevator up to street level, and then walk a short distance to the hotel entrance.

1aAnother thing that surprised us was that there is no hotel lobby.  As soon as you arrive at the hotel, one of the reception staff standing by the entrance will personally escort you to your room, where they check you in paperlessly via Ipad.


cJohn and I stayed in a spacious harbour view studio (super spacious, by HK standards) on the 47th floor.  The views are really stunning from both bedroom and bathroom, if you’re lucky enough to stay on a clear day when Hong Kong isn’t filled with smog.

c2One of the highlights, for most of the hotel guests, is what Upper House calls their “maxi bar.”c3Unlike the mini bars found in other hotels, the maxi bar is stocked with snacks and beverages that guests can help themselves to for free!  There were M&M’s, Milanos, Blue Diamond nuts, and Mentos, and for the beverages, still and sparkling water, coconut water, juice, soda, beer, milk, and coffee.

c7c8c4c5For me, though, the real highlight was the bathroom.  I’m a sucker for beautiful bathrooms, and Upper House bathrooms are jaw-dropping!

d1d1aHis and hers sinks, a separate vanity corner, closets, bath tub with full-on harbor views, and an all-white rainfall shower.

d2d5Can I just tell you…  the feeling of taking a shower or relaxing in the tub with full-on views of the harbor… just WOW.  Nobody can see in during the day, but keep in mind that at night, the windows have a “two-way view” so it would be a good idea to draw the blinds.  (Or not, if you’ve got exhibitionist tendencies!)

gAnother thing I’m a sucker for aside from bathrooms, is a good hotel breakfast.  And the breakfast at Upper House?  Amazing.  The best.

24Breakfast is served at Cafe Gray Deluxe by Chef Gray Kunz, on the 49th floor of Upper House.  There is no buffet.  Instead, you can order anything and everything from the breakfast menu.

Yes!  As much as you want 🙂  Here’s a look at just some of what we ate:

27Corneal crusted French toast with plum compote and vanilla whipped cream

30Blueberry pancakes

29Scrambled eggs and caviar

26Banana waffles

34Corn muffins

3332Abalone congee, stir-fried noodles, and radish cake and assorted dimsum

No pool or gym on the hotel property, but they do have a really nice outdoor area called The Lawn where guests can hang out day or night, enjoy drinks or snacks, or just curl up on a beanbag.  They also offer free yoga classes on weekends.

There’s only one downside to staying at Upper House that I can think of, but to me, it’s sort of a big one.  John and I didn’t really like staying in Admiralty.  We found ourselves commuting to our usual places in Causeway Bay or TST, or sometimes when we were too tired to do so, we just stayed in our hotel room.

It’s a good thing we really loved our room.

For more information of Upper House, please visit their website or Facebook page.  You can check for room rates here.

UPPER HOUSE,  Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong, Phone: +852 2918.1838, Email:

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