UPDATED: What’s open in Manila this Maundy Thursday and Good Friday?

Our family will be staying in Manila this Holy Week, so I decided to do a bit of research on which restaurants and other establishments will be open on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Continue reading “UPDATED: What’s open in Manila this Maundy Thursday and Good Friday?”

Tokyo Eats: Manneken Belgian Waffles

When John and I were in Ginza, we always stopped by Manneken for our waffle fix.  Continue reading “Tokyo Eats: Manneken Belgian Waffles”

Tokyo Eats: Gindaco Takoyaki

When it comes to takoyaki, you either like it or you don’t.  Continue reading “Tokyo Eats: Gindaco Takoyaki”

Vegetarian Meal Delivery by The Sexy Chef + a Giveaway!

I’m always surprised when people ask me if I’m still “on a diet” ever since I gave up eating meat. The truth is, I decided awhile back that diets don’t work for me, and I’m not gonna do them anymore. Continue reading “Vegetarian Meal Delivery by The Sexy Chef + a Giveaway!”

Susi’s Tasting Menu

Did you guys do anything special last Valentine’s Day?  John and I had originally planned on staying home and avoiding the traffic, but then I heard about a new vegan restaurant that would be opening at the Fort on Valentine’s Day.  Continue reading “Susi’s Tasting Menu”

Tokyo Eats: Nodaiwa

I love unagi!  In Manila, I’ll eat it anywhere, from Senju, to Nihonbashitei, to the frozen vacuum-packed version at S&R. Continue reading “Tokyo Eats: Nodaiwa”

Tokyo Eats: Tempura Kondo

Our friends Pat and Ross told us, if there’s one place we have to eat at while in Tokyo, it should be KondoContinue reading “Tokyo Eats: Tempura Kondo”

The Strings by Intercontinental Tokyo

John and I recently spent some time Tokyo with friends, and we all stayed at The Strings by IntercontinentalIt’s a beautiful hotel right beside the Shinagawa station. Continue reading “The Strings by Intercontinental Tokyo”

Tempur Breeze #BestSleepEver

When you think of a luxurious bed, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s Tempur. Continue reading “Tempur Breeze #BestSleepEver”

Travel Notes: Upper House Hong Kong

With the summer break coming up soon, I’ve been doing a few posts on Hong Kong. Continue reading “Travel Notes: Upper House Hong Kong”

Hong Kong Disneyland Travel Tips

I know a lot of you are headed to Hong Kong for the summer break, and you’re probably going to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort if you’re traveling with kids.  Continue reading “Hong Kong Disneyland Travel Tips”