Cheeky Tsinay’s HK Bites

Dawn Aquino (@CheekyTsinay on Instagram) is a stay-at-home mom based in Hong Kong, where she and her husband have been living for 12 years now.  A former cooking and baking teacher, and a food lover through and through, Dawn is probably  the ideal person to ask, “where should we eat in Hong Kong?”

Megan's Kitchen rainbow cuttlefish balls
Megan’s Kitchen rainbow cuttlefish balls

Well, today is our lucky day, because Dawn has agreed to share with us her favorite meatless dishes from her favorite Hong Kong restaurants!  Be warned: you’re gonna want to hop on a plane to Hong Kong immediately after reading this.

Thank you, Dawn!


  1. Crystal Jade: fried fofu skin filled with mushrooms, salted egg prawns
  2. Fu Sing: 8 way tofu, lettuce in claypot with shrimp paste, dimsum
  3. Pang’s Kitchen: lettuce in claypot with shrimp paste
  4. China Club: mushroom dumplings, all kinds of dimsum
  5. Nam Fong: crispy noodles with seafood sauce, crabmeat fried rice with crab roe
  6. Mott 32: Signature South Australian lobster ma po tofu, crispy prawns with pumpkin and salty egg, fresh clams with assorted vegetables, dried shrimps, cashew nuts, xo sauce (tell them not to use pork), black cod with potato, chilli, garlic, spring onion, wok-fried kale with dried shrimp, shrimp paste (again, tell them to hold the minced pork)
  7. Duddell’s: braised scallop with minced shrimp and crab coral, sautéed asparagus with water chestnut and macadamia nut in taro nest
  8. Nam Kee: fishball noodle soup with spring roll
  9. Megan’s Kitchen: hotpot with rainbow cuttlefish balls
  10. Chi Lin Vegetarian: vegetable steamed bun, zucchini dumplings, sweet and sour wheat gluten, vegetable mushroom and tofu casserole, deep fried pumpkin and beancurd sheet rolls with mushroom and soy gluten, shimeji mushroom with white fungus thick soup
  11. Ho Lee Fook: hamachi with cucumber, lemon jam, horseradish and puffed buckwheat, grilled market fresh blue mackerel (when available)
  1. Kushiyaki Beco: mizuno with baby sardines salad, squid crackers, cod roe with cucumber, tofu steak skewer, scallop butteryaki, razor clams (specialty menu as available)
  2. Ronin: flower crab with uni, oysters, any of their fried fish (karaages, usually changes), market chips with black okinawan sugar syrup
  3. Yardbird: corn tempura, Korean fried cauliflower
  4. Ippudo: fried shrimp bao
  5. Bar Umami: clams in butter sake
  6. Tokio Joe: spicy toro tartar, sushi rolls
  7. Sushi Kuu: sushi rolls, uni martini, salmon mizuna salad, set lunch sashimi salad
  8. Gonpachi: fresh crab croquette, rea pot soup, sea urchin tempura
  9. Tonkichi Tonkatsu: okra and octopus salad with wasabi and soy


  1. Posto Pubblico: homemade burrata, eggplant rollatini, spicy pumkin sott’olio, grilled zucchini, pecorino, chili, mint, linguini calamari with peperoncini
  2. Carbone: spicy rigatoni vodka, octopus pizzaiolo, baked clams
  3. Piccolo: vongole, aglio olio
  4. Ciak: eggplant parmigiana


  1. Thai Basil: fried soft shell crab, codfish curry, rock lobster soup, sauteed morning glory
  2. Chino: nachos and dips/salsa, clams with aji amarillo  and crispy shallots,  corn with kewpie and cotija, sweet potato kakaiage with spicy lobster and uni
  3. Chicha: black cod skewer, Kingfish tiradito, fish taco, Marisco jugoso (seafood rice), coriander rice (as a side and not with the duck)
  4. Tapeo: Manchego cheese and honey, Padron peppers
  5. BEP Vietnamese Kitchen: rice paper salad rolls, grilled aubergine
  6. Mrs. Pound: tuna larb, razor clams mirepoix, Sriracha sweet corn
  7. Fofo: scallop ceviche with avocado and crispy shallots, chipirones (baby squid), Boston lobster juicy rice, Spanish paella with lobster and seafood, fresh padron peppers
  8. Boqueria: chipirones, spanish anchovies, fried eggplant with honey
  9. Bombay Dreams: palak paneer, dal tadka, lunch buffet selections
  10. Mana Slow Food: vegetarian wraps
  11. Life Café: salads and carob desserts
  12. Pololi: tuna poke on rice or salad in various dressing
  13. Mamasan: claypot caramelized snapper, steamed fish with black bean green shallots shiitake mushrooms and chilli oil , crispy whole snapper with three-flavor sauce, salt-crusted whole barramundi, Southern Goan curry razor clams with okra fenugreek
  14. Outlying Islands (Rainbow Seafood in Lamma island, Chuen Kee in Sai Kung): scallops with vermicelli and garlic, Salt and pepper mantis shrimp, Steamed garoupa, Razor clams with black bean sauce

For more on Dawn’s Hong Kong food adventures, follow @CheekyTsinay on Instagram or check out her hashtag #HKbites.

3 thoughts on “Cheeky Tsinay’s HK Bites

  1. Oh my! Thank you for this Greenlunchdiaries! It does make me want to head on to HK and start on this food binge trip. My husband has business there so he frequents HK and occasionally we would tag along. And when I am with my kiddos, I often find myself going to the same eating spots. This list is definitely a keeper. Already saved it on my board. 😉


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