Over the holidays, I discovered an amazing new restaurant tucked in a quiet street in Makati.  We got lost trying to find it, but when we got there, wow, was the trip worth it.

12/10 is a hip and cozy izakaya-inspired restaurant owned by Thea de Rivera and Gab Bustos, the same young couple behind The Girl + The Bull.  The menu is made up of 12 small dishes that allow you to kind of create your own tasting menu. Very Sensei Sushi-like, when Chef Bruce Ricketts was still doing the tasting menus.

John and I ordered almost everything on the menu, plus seconds of our favorites.  Each dish was beautiful and special; we had such a fantastic dinner!  My personal favorites were the raw tuna salad, salmon kushiyaki, and toro onigiri… really SO delicious.

I did have to order some of the dishes without meat (no chicken skin for the enoki, and no foie gras for the onigiri), and the restaurant staff isn’t very flexible about making any changes to their food.  Other than that, though, everything was perfect.  Here are just some of the dishes we ordered:

IMG_1920Hijiki Seaweed

IMG_1940Mushroom Salad

IMG_1916Mackerel Ceviche


IMG_1911Raw Tuna Salad

IMG_1947Salmon Kushiyaki

IMG_3218Toro Onigiri

I’m just so impressed with the food at 12/10, and doubly impressed that the owners are both in their twenties.  Restaurant staff are hip twentysomethings too (some of them look like teenagers).  I can only wonder what more these kids can do when they hit their thirties!

Tip:  I’ve heard you can order the famous The Girl + The Bull Faux Twix here, though it’s not on the menu.  I’ll try next time and let you all know!

12/10, #7635 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village, Makati, Phone 0915 663 2823


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