Welcome to Green Lunch Diaries!

It all started sometime in February 2014, when I decided to give up eating beef and pork.  I did this for health reasons, as well as to assuage the guilt I felt whenever I would see pigs crammed into delivery trucks on Edsa.  For about four months I avoided meat, only making an exception when traveling.

Towards midyear, I had to deal with some health issues, and ended up following a vegan diet for few months.  It was difficult at first, but then I slowly learned to experiment and feed myself.  For breakfast, I would have coffee, vanilla almond milk, oatmeal, and green juice.  For lunch, a roast vegetable wrap with homemade hummus or vegan pesto.  For a quick snack, I’d usually have mashed avocado with sea sale and chili flakes on toast.  And for dinner, vegan pasta made with tomato sauce or olive oil and garlic.

To my surprise, I started losing weight really quickly after going vegan.  Even if I was eating a LOT of carbs!  Bread, pasta, wraps, and rice, I ate these things everyday, and still the weight came off.  It even came to a point where I wanted to gain back some of the weight I had lost.  And since I was still addressing some health issues and sort of experimenting what would work best for me, long term, I decided to add fish and seafood back into my diet.  Still no beef, chicken, pork, or meat of any kind; but adding back seafood made it so much easier for me to eat with my family, go on trips, dine at restaurants, etc.  I also gained back about half of the total weight I had lost, and feel a lot healthier overall.

Today, I am still on the path to living a truly healthy life, and this blog is my way of inspiring and encouraging myself, and others who would like to do the same.

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